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Kathryn Ross Awarded Montana’s Children’s Miracle Network Hero!

Shodair Children’s Hospital is excited to announce Kathryn Ross as Shodair Children’s Hospital’s CMN Hero for 2018!

Kathryn is a Genetics patient who was diagnosed with Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS) Type 5 in the spring of 2017. LDS Type 5, a condition Kathryn inherited from her mother, is a connective tissue disorder that includes similar physical characteristics to other connective disorders including tall stature, “lanky” build, and heart problems. LDS Type 5 is characterized by aortic aneurysms, which means she needs to closely monitor what she’s doing at all times. Since her diagnosis, Kathryn is focusing all of her efforts on educating herself on her condition. She is constantly asking her doctors to provide medical literature – rather than relying on the internet – to fully understand her diagnosis and educate her peers.

Kathryn is  an extremely bright teenager who is interested in literature, biology, and psychology. As a daughter of a National Park Ranger, Kathryn and her family live in Yellowstone National Park near Mammoth Hot Springs. When she isn’t focusing on her studies at Gardiner High School, Kathryn enjoys participating in the school’s speech, debate, and theater clubs.

Congratulations, Kathryn!