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Meet Bella.

Although Bella lives a pretty “normal” teenage life – she works, enjoys shopping, and hanging out with friends and family – she struggles with psychological disorders that millions of people struggle with across the nation.

Since she was young, Bella struggled with fear and anxiety which began to impact her day to day life, primarily in social settings and in school. After exploring other psychiatric facilities, Bella’s parents believed they exhausted all of their resources and they turned to their local children’s hospital, where she learned how to engage healthy coping skills and self-awareness

Bella will continue to have her struggles, but she sees her time at her children’s hospital in treatment as the key to her success today. She spends far more time talking about her future, believing in herself and accepting the support of her friends, family and professional support group. Best of all, she’s planning for the future and she is determined to use her story and experience to help break down the negative stigma that surrounds mental health in the country.


Because of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals donations, Bella’s children’s hospital is equipped with the technology and resources needed to support patients like Bella every day. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals funding has also assisted in financially supporting therapeutic programs, continued schooling for the patients, and renovating areas of the hospital to provide patients the safe, therapeutic, and nurturing environment they need.