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Say Hello to Zeesy, Our 2016-17 Mont. Champion


Zeesy suffered her first grand mal seizure when she was 1 year old. By age 3, she had suffered three more that caused residual developmental delays. Within one year, Zeesy was suffering from multiple seizures a day before being diagnosed with a condition in which the body cannot transport sufficient amounts of glucose across the blood-brain barrier. With a strict diet, doctors at her children’s hospital believe that she’ll be able to keep the seizures at bay and improve her cognitive abilities.

Even though Zeesy is tiny, she’s tough yet easy-going, and when it comes to her medical treatment, she doesn’t complain despite the frequent poking and prodding.

Prior to her diagnosis, she could only handle about 10 minutes of activity — now Zeesy is an outgoing, sweet girl who loves to play with Legos and could color or paint all day. She is very interactive at school and doesn’t let her medical condition get in the way of childhood.

How donations helped Montana at Shodair Children’s Hospital:  

Zeesy was diagnosed through a medical genetics program funded in part by CMN Hospitals donations. Funds also support the hospital’s charity care program and a house where out-of-town families can stay while their children receive care.